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Finding a Whirlpool Bath

If you have made the decision to get a whirlpool for your home then you will need to take some time to determine the how, where and how much of it all that you are ready to take on.

1. Set your budget – keep in mind that the bigger you go then the larger your budget will need to be. Remember to contact a plumber for installation costs if you need to hire a professional.

a. Include professional assistance costs.

b. Remodeling or prep work.

c. Cost and delivery of unit.

2. Find a space. If you will need to be sure that the floor has the support to hold all the water required for a whirlpool – it can get extremely heavy. Even if you are choosing a location where a tub sat in the past you might want to consider installing reinforcement for better support.

3. Prepare the space. This will require making sure that it has the support, covering and some moisture guard to keep the surrounding areas from becoming moldy. You will also need to remove the old tub if there is currently one in place.


4. Measure the space. Remember that it is always better to measure multiple times – particularly when you are talking about a unit as large and heavy as a whirlpool. *Always measure the doorway that you will be bringing the whirlpool through to be sure that the opening is large enough for the unit.*

5. Start shopping. Take all of your budget information and your measurements and begin visiting different whirlpools stores. Get into the tub and see how the space feels. Take your time and visit several shops or look at a number of units.

Choosing and installing a whirlpool is a very personal experience. Be sure that you settle on something that you will enjoy for the long hall. Find the right fit for you and your needs but also remain within budget.

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