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Making the Choice

Whirlpool baths are designed with a wide array of shapes and sizes.  Choosing the right one for your new bathroom will likely depend on the space that you have and the budget that you have allotted.  Take your time and look at as many models as you can and be sure to sit in a few to get the feel for what your investment.

Acrylic whirlpool baths are the most common mainly because of the durability.

Gel coating whirlpool baths are more typical for the large bath/shower combination units.

Cast iron is rare and costly but it is also the most durable.

Alcove whirlpool baths are designed like ordinary bathtubs and will fit into a space with walls on three sides.  A rim to floor apron is on the exposes side with an access panel for servicing the motor.

Drop in whirlpool baths come in the largest variety of shapes and sizes.  These units are designed to drop into a preconstructed frame on site.

When it comes to the amenities offered in today’s whirlpool baths, the sky is literally the limit. You can get everything from 42 inch plasma screen televisions to surround sound systems to floating remote control units. If you want to pay for it then it is probably available as an accessory for your new whirlpool bath.

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