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Installing Whirlpool Baths

Installing a whirlpool bath may not be a project for the beginner do it yourself person. It takes a great deal of know how and a combination of electrical, plumbing and carpentry skills. Although some of the steps may be a project that the beginner may want to tackle, it is probably a good idea to consult a professional for the others.

When you begin the process of installing whirlpool baths in any locations you will want to follow the same procedures that are required for any bathroom renovation:

1. Turn off any water coming to the room where you will be working.
2. Clear the area of any existing tubs or showers that may be in the way of the new whirlpool bath.
3. Prepare the surface area for the new whirlpool bath.
4. Brace the space where the whirlpool bath will be going (some of the whirlpool baths can weigh over 1500 lbs when full).
5. Measure the space several times (be sure to measure the door or space where you will be bringing the fixture through).
6. Find the whirlpool bath that will fit into the space and your budget.
7. Bring the whirlpool bath home and begin the installation process.

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